iPhone 15 Pro Max melted a thirdparty USBC cable while charging BGR

Image for article iPhone 15 Pro Max melted a thirdparty USBC cable while charging  BGR
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  • “I assumed it was the phone, doesn’t the cable only conduct the power supplied by the plug or pulled by the phone?”Many people replying to the post that went viral on Reddit speculated the charging cable was to blame..
  • I’d also use any cables coming from well-known accessory makers that have been making MFi products for previous iPhones.But I’d never rely on a very cheap cable, the generic type that might be super affordable on Amazon..
  • The handset was charging overnight as the owner was sleeping.In a different reply, the user said it was a long charging cable for convenience..
  • As you’re about to see, an iPhone 15 Pro Max owner discovered that the USB-C port melted a generic USB-C cable, rendering the cable inoperable.This should be a lesson to everybody out there..
  • Some chastised NoisilyMarvellous for using a cheap generic USB-C cable to charge the handset.In a different update, the Redditor said they were able to pull the melted plug from the USB-C port..
  • But “the entire inside is blackened, and most importantly, it doesn’t charge with a cable charger anymore.”The good news in all of this is that the iPhone 15 Pro Max, like any iPhone launched since the iPhone X, supports wireless charging..
Before the EU forced Apple to replace its Lightning connector with USBC, there was a lot of talk about why the iPhone did not get USBC until the iPhone 15 rolled out. It was said that Apple preferr [+4081 chars]

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