Metacritic Reveals The Worst Video Games Of 2023 Nintendo Life | Summary

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  • For metacritic for most games (there are exceptions) the player score is slightly below the reviewer score showing both players and professional reviers are at least consistent, even if professional reviews may be slightly inflated.The one combined score I find completely worthless for games is the steam score..
  • Today, the focus is on the "worst video games of 2023" - covering the lowest-scoring games released across any platform between 1st January 2023 up until 31st December 2023.As usual, titles with "fewer than 7 reviews from professional critics" are excluded from this list..
  • And my original point was that less popular games simply don't get professional reviews at all, whether scores or long reviews and it would be interesting if they did..
  • Flashback 2 is also a shame - though the original always had more style than substance.It would be interesting if every single game had enough reviews to get a metacritic score..
  • Besides, without bad games there wouldn't be good games.So a game that is soooooo broken and buggy only has a 3/10 on metacritic?All metacritic is good for is getting an idea on what the public think..
  • But when you actually think about how stupid a dating sim turn based RPG roguelike sounds, it clicks.Ooooo, I haven’t played any of these!Please note when a game isn’t on the list, it’s probably because it simply doesn’t have enough professional reviews..
Its that time of year again when the aggregate review website Metacritic rounds up the best and worst games of the year, according to their Metascore. Today, the focus is on the worst video games o [+1113 chars]

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