MAGA merch at Trump Tower is Made in China (video) Boing Boing | Summary

Image for article MAGA merch at Trump Tower is Made in China (video)  Boing Boing | Summary

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  • Donald Trump loves MAGA workers and only sells things made in MAGA Land.Walter Masterson went to the Trump Tower to show folks all the wonderful Made-in-MAGA Land merchandise available there..
  • "My guess is the merchandise was made in MAGA Land, but the tags were made in China..
  • CP/M is an operating system dating to the mid-1970s that found its niche giving cheap 8-bit home computers the flexibility, if not the power, of expensive workstations..
  • Once Trump is running things, he will make sure everything is made in MAGA Land!.
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In MAGA Land, China is viewed as a very bad country. It is always trying to cheat Americans and steal their jobs. Thats why MAGA supporters buy all their clothes at the Trump Tower in New York. Dona [+583 chars]

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