Worlds best spacebased thermometer dead 2 months after 1st image release | Summary

Image for article Worlds best spacebased thermometer dead 2 months after 1st image release | Summary

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  • HOTSAT-1's images thrilled scientists, but now the craft's innovative camera is dead.The world's most advanced space-based thermometer thrilled scientists when it first came online.The HOTSAT-1 satellite's first images, released in early October, revealed in unprecedented detail how temperatures change on Earth's surface..
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  • Capable of resolving details as small as 11 feet (3.5 m), HOTSAT-1's innovative camera allowed scientists to visualize the thermal effects of city parking lots on surrounding buildings or the cooling influence of harbors and maritime ports..
  • But now, only six months after its launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, the experimental spacecraft is out of order.SatVu, HOTSAT-1's maker and operator, announced on Friday, Dec. 15, that the spacecraft suffered an "anomaly, which is expected to impact ongoing operations..
  • The satellite's camera was so sensitive it could even track trains from space from their thermal signatures..
  • The camera also provided insights into the behavior of wildfires and, in one particularly stunning sequence, captured the thermal footprint of a train travelling on a main rail line in Chicago..
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