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Image for article Teen boys use AI to make fake nudes of classmates, sparking police probe | Makemetechie.com Summary

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  • Carey was found to have violated several laws prohibiting harassment, stalking, child endangerment, and "promotion of a child sexual performance," but at the time, the county district attorney, Anne T. Donnelly, recognized that laws were still lacking to truly protect victims of deepfake porn..
  • As image generators become more commonplace, the risk of more fake images spreading seems to rise.For the female students at Westfield High School, the idea that their classmates would target them is more "creepy" than the vague thought that "there are creepy guys out there," the WSJ reported..
  • And if he fails to find any such laws, Bramnick said he planned to draft a new law.It's possible that other New Jersey laws, like those prohibiting harassment or the distribution of child sexual abuse materials, could apply in this case..
  • The school had not confirmed whether faculty had reviewed the images, seemingly only notifying the female students allegedly targeted when they were identified by boys claiming to have seen the images.It's also unclear if what the boys did was illegal..
  • And New Jersey might be next, according to Jon Bramnick, a New Jersey state senator who told the WSJ that he would be "looking into whether there are any existing state laws or pending bills that would criminalize the creation and sharing of" AI-faked nudes..
  • But it could take years before those protections are ultimately introduced, if ever.Some states have stepped in where federal law is lagging, with Virginia, California, Minnesota, and New York passing laws to outlaw the distribution of faked porn, the WSJ reported..
Enlarge/ Westfield High School in Westfield, NJ, in 2020.15 with This October, boys at Westfield High School in New Jersey started acting weird, the Wall Street Journal reported. It took four d [+5869 chars]

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