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  • Japanese publisher Capcom Resident Evil Street Fighter says it sees unauthorized modding of PC games as a problem akin to cheating.
  • That s according to a minute presentation covering anti cheat and anti piracy measures in PC gaming that was posted to the Capcom R D YouTube channel last week and noticed recently by GamesRadar.
  • The presentation describes modding as an inseparable part of PC gaming and a reflection of a PC platform that lets you do anything you want compared to the game console.
  • But in practically the same breath Capcom goes on to say that what the mods are doing is no different than cheating.
46 with For most PC gamers, the ability to update their game with a wide variety of mods is a huge benefit they can claim over most (but not all) console players. But Japanese publisher Capcom (Res [+3316 chars]

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