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  • The tech industry thrives on talent; further limiting our access to it is a disservice.Governments need to create environments where founders and their teams can imagine building lasting and successful businesses..
  • Initiatives like the Startup Visa program, Estonia’s e-Residency, and the Digital Nomad Visa (now adopted by multiple European states) have collectively cultivated a tech landscape attracting global investment and expertise..
  • Earlier this year, neobank Monzo moved its operations to San Francisco, followed by British chip giant Arm, which moved its primary listings to New York in another blow to London.Estonia serves as a prime example of how embracing international talent can drive an entire sector..
  • Tech relies on international talent and cutting off our talent supply is a self-inflicted wound..
  • Last year, the tech sector was responsible for 8% of GBP in Estonia and 10% of all the employment taxes.Estonia’s sustained growth isn’t by chance; it stems from intentional policies promoting innovation and immigration..
  • The U.K. is witnessing a growing trend of founders starting out in the U.K. and then establishing their businesses elsewhere in Europe, where ecosystems in countries like France and Germany have matured considerably over the past few years..
Increases in immigration to Europe since the pandemic have given politicians ample material for election campaigns. Despite illegal immigration making up just a fraction of net migration to Europe, r [+6495 chars]

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