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  • One example of this is when ULA's board, comprised of Boeing and Lockheed Martin executives, initially only approved funding for the Vulcan rocket in three-month increments.While SpaceX dominates the commercial launch market, ULA remains the US military's preferred launch provider..
  • ULA's owners started a multibillion-dollar program to develop the Vulcan rocket in 2014, billing it as a replacement for the company's legacy Atlas and Delta rockets.ULA has also made tentative steps to test technologies needed to reuse the Vulcan rocket's main engines, made by Blue Origin..
  • Officials say this $2 billion investment will double ULA's launch capacity, allowing it to launch as many as 25 Vulcan rockets per year.Sources have said ULA and its corporate owners have already talked with prospective buyers..
  • Let's not forget that Lockheed Martin developed the Atlas V rocket, the more successful of ULA's two legacy launch vehicle families in terms of price and launch cadence.Amazon is another possibility..
  • The military is now in another multi-year launch procurement, and ULA and SpaceX again appear to have the advantage.United Launch Alliance has also been buoyed by Amazon's purchase of 47 launches for the Kuiper broadband constellation..
  • Since then, ULA has been a profitable enterprise for both aerospace giants, thanks to a steady diet of lucrative sole-source military launch contracts and an approximately $1 billion annual subsidy from the US Department of Defense to maintain "launch readiness..
Enlarge/ Tory Bruno, ULAs chief executive, inside the companys rocket factory in Decatur, Alabama. 5 with It sure sounds like United Launch Alliance is up for sale. Tory Bruno, the rocket build [+5777 chars]

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