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  • IRATA ONLINE and Cyber both operate a server running an emulated PLATO environment with many of the same software components but the specific mix of lessons and applications.
  • Both instances are descendants of the original In Control Data Corporation CDC CEO Lawrence Perlman sold thePLATO trademark and some of its courseware to the Roach Organization which eventually renamed itself PLatO Learning and is today called Edmentum.
  • Because the CYBIS image that both services started with is directly descended from the original PLATAO they can trace their family tree back to the original via CYB IS.
  • IRATA OnLINE has an explicit retrocomputing focus and we ll look a little later in this article at how it specifically caters to period vintage computers.
1 with In our previous deep dive into the groundbreaking world of PLATO, we pointed out the technological advances the system heralded in graphical displays, sound, and user interface; the trailbla [+4208 chars]

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