Image for article Two ransomware gangs knocked out of commission in a single week | Summary

News Summary

  • The servers of Trigona ransomware gang has been infiltrated and wiped out.
  • An outfit calling itself Ukrainian Cyber Alliance took credit and included the tagline disrupting Russian criminal enterprises both public and private since.
  • The second ransomware gang takedown this week happened to Ragnar Locker a group that has hacked numerous organizations worldwide.
  • The key target of this malicious ransomware strain was arrested in Paris France on October and his home in Czechia was searched.
  • Five suspects were interviewed in Spain and Latvia in the following days.
  • The main perpetrator suspected of being a developer of the Ragnar group has been brought in front of the examining magistrates of the Paris Judicial Court.
1 with From the warmandfuzzy files comes this feelgood Friday post, chronicling this weeks takedown of two hated ransomware groups. One vanished on Tuesday, allegedly after being hacked by a gro [+4370 chars]

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