Image for article The latest highseverity Citrix vulnerability under attack isnt easy to fix | Summary

News Summary

  • Citrix released a patch for the vulnerability last week along with an advisory that provided few details.
  • On Wednesday researchers from security firm Mandiant said that the vulnerability has been under active exploitation since August possibly for espionage against professional services technology and government organizations.
  • Mandiant warned that patching the vulnerability wasn t sufficient to lock down affected networks because any sessions hijacked before the security update would persist afterward.
  • The company wrote Successful exploitation could result in the ability to hijack existing authenticated sessions therefore bypassing multi factor authentication or other strong authentication requirements.
  • A threat actor could utilize this method to harvest additional credentials laterally pivot and gain access to additional resources within an environment.
2 with A critical vulnerability that hackers have exploited since August, which allows them to bypass multifactor authentication in Citrix networking hardware, has received a patch from the manufac [+5020 chars]

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