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  • He wants us to work, to be productive, “to be proud.”The missing link here is how we can use tech to actually take care of people; how to feed them, clothe them, how to make sure the planet doesn’t reach such high temperatures that we all just melt away..
  • He talks about the economic frameworks that life is spun around, without mentioning the intricate ways it actually impacts people.Plenty of tech giants speak of creating a world they have no grasp on..
  • Early on in his essay, Andreessen writes, “We believe that there is no material problem – whether created by nature or by technology – that cannot be solved with more technology.” A16z is increasingly investing in defense companies, including Palmer Luckey’s controversial startup Anduril, which manufactures autonomous weapons..
  • But to deny the negative impacts of these companies is to move through the world with blinders up.Furthermore, it’s implicit — but not stated in Andreessen’s argument — that these platforms have effectively made large swatches of society renters, and the platforms, the landlords..
  • He wants 50 billion people to be on earth (and then for some of us to colonize outer space), and says the “markets” can generate the money needed to fund social welfare programs..
  • What is missing here is that San Francisco is already the tech hub of the world and is one of the most unequal places in the universe, both socially and economically..
Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen posted a manifesto on the a16z website, calling for technooptimism in a frenzied, 5,000word blog post that somehow manages to reinvent Reaganomics, propose the c [+7785 chars]

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