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  • The IRS has announced details for a pilot of its free filing program for the tax season.
  • People in states may be eligible to participate in the Direct File pilot.
  • The pilot will allow the IRS to identify issues and make changes prior to any potential large scale launch in the future.
  • The IRS dropped its longstanding promise not to compete against TurboTax maker Intuit and other private companies in December.
  • Intuit left the Free File consortium in July while H R Block left in The Inflation Reduction Act of gave the IRS million to study the cost of developing and running a free direct efile tax return system.
Enlarge/ Advocates gather on April 17, 2023 in Washington, DC, to call out tax prep firms like TurboTax maker Intuit and H&R Block, and to support the Internal Revenue Services exploration of fr [+3251 chars]

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