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  • A Spanish launch company, named PLD Space, claimed success on Saturday after its suborbital Miura 1 rocket lifted off and achieved an altitude of 46 kilometers (29 miles) before plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean, Ars reports..
  • The VSS Unity rocket plane landed on the runway at Spaceport America in New Mexico for refurbishment ahead of Virgin Galactic's next commercial suborbital mission.Astrobotic breathes new life into Masten's rocket program..
  • Each report will include information on small-, medium-, and heavy-lift rockets, as well as a quick look ahead at the next three launches on the calendar.A Spanish rocket startup launched its first test flight..
  • This was the company's fourth suborbital spaceflight with paying customers aboard, maintaining a monthly flight rate since Virgin Galactic's air-launched rocket plane started commercial service in late June..
  • A small vertical-takeoff, vertical-landing rocket originally built by Masten Space Systems has resumed flights under the management of Astrobotic, which purchased the assets of bankrupt Masten last year, Space News reports..
  • The liquid-fueled rocket was to reach an altitude of 80 kilometers, and PLD Space intended to recover the rocket and payload from the sea..
Enlarge/ A Vega rocket rides a column of exhaust from its solidfueled first stage, kicking off a mission to deliver 12 small satellites into orbit.4 with Welcome to Edition 6.15 of the Rocket Re [+6603 chars]

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