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  • This year face unlock is a Class 3 biometric, just like the fingerprint reader, so logging in with your face is just as good as your finger.Assuming that the new face unlock is actually secure, this is a huge improvement!.
  • The iPhone does face unlock with a bevy of purpose-built sensors that can create a 3D map of your face, while the Pixel 7 has a dubiously secure face unlock system that works only via the front selfie cam..
  • The face unlock on the Pixel 7 was the Class 1 "convenience" tier, which only unlocks the phone and doesn't grant access to Android's cryptographic keystore, so opening a high-security app would make a second lock screen appear..
  • Just as with the curved-screen fiasco, Google seems to think that a flagship phone has to look this way and doesn't appear to consider usability concerns.Speaking of the sides of the phone, one thing you'll notice along the top edge is a big oval cutout for the mmWave antenna..
  • Instead of the ultra-shiny glass back, this material has a matte or satiny finish, and it looks gorgeous on our black review unit.I wish I could say that the aluminum sides and camera bar also had a great finish, but the aluminum still has a mirror polish..
  • The only thing the curved display accomplished was making the sides of an Android phone distorted and unusable for content, necessitating bigger margins on the sides of the display..
Enlarge/ Behold, the glorious, flat display. Normal, commonsense phone design is back, finally!3 with Google is listening. Reviewing phones means that we usually complaina lotabout phone designs [+27797 chars]

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