Image for article Vacuum suctionmounted wireless TV zip lines off faulty walls to safety | Summary

News Summary

  • Displace demoed new safety features for the TV made in response to concerns about the device s proprietary active loop vacuum technology.
  • If the vacuum pumps are in danger of not maintaining a seal or there is an issue with the stability of the wall the TV automatically deploys four quick adhesives for stability.
  • It then initiates a self lowering landing gear system to ease concerns about its vacuum suction mounting technique failing and sending pounds of OLED TV crashing to its doom.
  • Displace CEO Balaji Krishnan claimed that almost no one will ever need the TV s safety deployment features.
93 with The Displace TV has started cascading itself down its zip line. The TVs landing on selfdeployed foam feet. Starting to lie face down. < [+4001 chars]

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