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  • But there have to be many ways to make connecting your smart home gear far easier.You can make home automation easier on yourself in the short term by buying into a customized total-home system, the kind installed by contractors and controlled with wall-mounted tablets..
  • "Help me script" is a code automation tool that turns natural language—like, "When I arrive home and the garage door closes, turn on the downstairs lights"—into Google Home scripts..
  • But betting on one company to always be there for you is not something we generally recommend.This is why the idea of Google—or any company—offering help with the deeper and more difficult parts of a smart home setup is so intriguing to me..
  • )Earlier this week, Google announced another way that AI could help even seasoned smart home enthusiasts get more control..
  • Even smart home systems with robust scripting abilities mostly let users develop great ideas for connecting two or more devices..
  • Hooking them up to Google Home, Alexa, Apple's Home, or Home Assistant varies by device and system but should be achievable..
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