Image for article Tom Hanks warns of AIgenerated doppelganger in Instagram plea | Summary

News Summary

  • News of AI deepfakes spread quickly when you re Tom Hanks.
  • Hanks warning spread in the media including The New York Times.
  • CBS anchor Gayle King warned of a similar scheme using her likeness to sell a weight loss product.
  • The now widely reported incidents have raised new concerns about the use of AI in digital media.
  • As we warned convincing AIDeepfakes are an increasingly pressing issue that may undermine shared trust and threaten the reliability of communications technologies by casting doubt on someone s identity Dealing with it is a tricky problem.
Enlarge/ A cropped portion of the AIgenerated version of Hanks that the actor shared on his Instagram feed.11 with News of AI deepfakes spread quickly when youre Tom Hanks. On Sunday, the actor [+3755 chars]

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