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News Summary

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed up at the Google antitrust trial on Monday to back the Department of Justice s argument that Google used unfair tactics to block competitors like Bing.
  • The DOJ is arguing that Google uses default search contracts to block opportunities for search competitors like Microsoft's Bing.
  • Nadellas efforts to support the DOJ seemingly required that the CEO walk back some of his earliest remarks hyping AI powered Bing as potentially giving Microsoft a long sought after competitive advantage over Google.
  • In Silicon Valley Internet search is the biggest no fly zone which the Journal characterized as the hardest market to crack.
  • Even Microsoft's seeming lead in artificial intelligence it invested billions into OpenAI likely won't be enough to change that.
Enlarge/ Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella arrives at federal court on October 2, 2023 in Washington, DC. Nadella is testifying in the antitrust trial to determine if Alphabet Inc.s Google maintains a mon [+3975 chars]

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