Protestors rally at Cruise HQ in San Francisco | TechCrunch

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  • Cruise tweeted about the crash, saying one of its Chevy Bolt EVs entered an intersection on a green traffic light and was struck by the emergency vehicle that appeared to be en route to an emergency scene.
  • The San Francisco Department of Public Works said the paving project had been properly marked off with cones and there were workers with flags at each end of the block.That same week, a Cruise robotaxi was involved in a collision with an emergency vehicle that left a passenger injured.
  • When the ambulance arrived, it parked behind the second Cruise vehicle, which had stopped just before the intersection in the second to the right lane of a four-lane street.
  • The department said emergency responders had trouble getting from the collision to the hospital because two Cruise robotaxis blocked the road.
  • One of the Cruise vehicles looked to be somewhat in the way of a fire truck, clumsily moving out of its path and, eventually, through the intersection where the pedestrian had been struck.
  • The ambulance behind the AV had a clear path to pass the AV as other vehicles, including the ambulance, proceeded to do so.
Protestors gathered Monday outside Cruises headquarters in San Francisco after reports of one of its robotaxis blocking an ambulance with a patient on board who later died.The incident, which the [+6987 chars]

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