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  • For the initial request for a meeting, however, I’m very happy to receive either a well-written memo or a deck.In August 2023, what are some of the top questions founders need to ask investors?Founders are well advised to be cautious when including angel investors who are new to investing.
  • We much prefer an engaging back-and-forth discussion around specific questions we are interested in learning more about.A discussion results in much deeper insights from a founder, which can be extremely helpful in deciding if we want to dig into further diligence.
  • Our sector and stage focus include digital health and techbio companies who are at seed or pre-seed stage.How do you prefer to be approached: a cold email, a warm intro, or another method?
  • It’s important for founders to understand how VCs have handled these interactions previously.It’s easy for a VC to be highly supportive and go the extra mile for their fastest-growing companies in their portfolio; however, what’s more indicative of their future behavior is how they support companies experiencing more hardship.
  • We predominantly invest in B2B companies in pre-seed stage and seed-stage companies, usually becoming the first institutional check into the business.
  • For founders, a discussion-based approach can be more beneficial too, as it lets them understand exactly what investors want to learn more about in a more thoughtful manner.
Summer 2023 has been the hottest one on record since 1880, but while earlystage founders were sweating over the order of the slides in their pitch decks, the investors they hoped to connect with wer [+14817 chars]

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