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  • On the morning of its debut, Rimac announced that a limited edition of the Nevera, aptly dubbed “Time Attack,” had taken the electric production car record at the Nürburgring with a time of 7:05:298.That’s just one performance record of 20 that the car has set this year.
  • “I get nervous every time you put customers in the car, you hope they love it, but every time we have, they have.”Image Credits: Tim StevensYes, America’s Blue Oval was mixing it up with the multimillion-dollar hypercars at The Quail this year, unveiling the Mustang GTD.
  • This model, inspired by the track-only GT3, will bring outrageous performance and some novel technology, like an active aerodynamics system and suspension that can adjust both damper compression and spring rate for either road or track.The ultimate target, though, is the track.
  • But, at this year’s Pebble Beach, the company showed off a preview of what will be its first full-bore EV: the Lanzador.Though just a concept, Lamborghini says this is more or less what its first EV will look like when it goes into production in 2028.
  • While the lawn on Sunday mostly focuses on the past, other events like The Quail and the numerous private debuts scattered around Monterey, California have their sights very much set on the future of high-end motoring.If there was a theme this year it was speed at any cost.
  • With 1,350 horsepower, 100 more than the standard 21C, Blackbird will doubtlessly be quick, and like the regular version will ride on components crafted through generative design and additive manufacturing.Czinger is making just four, priced in the $2 million ballpark, and all have been sold.
The Pebble Beach Concours dElegance is just the cherry on top of a week of events highlighting, celebrating and sometimes even worshiping the automobile. While the lawn on Sunday mostly focuses on t [+10483 chars]

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