Airalo locks in $60M to expand its eSIMbased global roaming marketplace | TechCrunch

Image for article Airalo locks in $60M to expand its eSIMbased global roaming marketplace | TechCrunch

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  • It’s for the same reason that a brand might sell through many retailers while also selling goods directly through its own-branded storefronts: If a customer is already looking somewhere else for a good mobile roaming plan before traveling, chances are the carrier has already lost that customer.
  • (Indeed, stitching together data connectivity as an eSIM provider is not that far in concept from privacy-focused VPNs, which is something Truphone was already building for business customers, and may have been one of the interesting services that caught the eye of its Russian oligarch former owners.
  • )On that note, the idea of expanding what else an eSIM company can be providing to its customers beyond basic data is something that it seems Airalo is also taking on board, too.
  • Airalo has also built technology that measures demand and corresponding costs and pricing for these different eSIM packages.If you are asking yourself, why would a carrier work with a third party like Airalo, which might compete directly against it?
  • eSIM offerings promise an alternative: more granular offerings at smaller pricing increments.Currently Airalo says that it has 5.1 million customers buying its eSIM products.
  • “We have complete confidence in Airalo’s ability to expand its user community, strengthen its diverse team, and introduce its latest product Airalo Partners, a groundbreaking connectivity solution for global businesses and organizations.
Travel is back on the agenda after a Covid19 hiatus, and today a mobile startup out of Canada is announcing a healthy round of funding to capitalize on that. Airalo which uses softwarebased eSIM [+7077 chars]