Samsungs Galaxy Z Fold 5 gets upgraded chip, thinner body and $1,800 price

Image for article Samsungs Galaxy Z Fold 5 gets upgraded chip, thinner body and $1,800 price

News Summary

  • At 0.5 inches folded and 0.2 inches unfolded, Samsung certainly hasn’t knocked the product off that perch.Of course, it’s worth noting that Google has since run into its own display issues with its first foldable.
  • Foldables remain a drop in the overall smartphone bucket, of course, but the category has continued to make headway as the overall market has slowed.According to Counterpoint, foldable shipments jumped 64% Y-o-Y in Q1 to 2.52 million.
  • After all, one can credibly argue that the company almost single handedly built the foldable market.2019’s Galaxy Fold wasn’t technically the first foldable.
  • It’s a customized version of Qualcomm’s latest flagship with tweaks that bring things like improved imaging performance.In fact, the imaging enhancements here are largely a product of the upgraded (relative to last year’s fold) digital signal processing.
  • It’s been one of the bigger issues with the Fold.For a device designed to make a large screen more portable, it’s a lot to carry around in one’s pocket.
  • Interestingly, Samsung saw a big growth in market share, from 6% to 26%, but Huawei and Oppo still make up slightly larger shares of the market.
The foldable market has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2019. For starters, there actually is a foldables market to speak of. There was plenty of skepticism around the form factor in the [+5928 chars]