Supply Change Capital is latest womenled VC to raise substantial debut fund | TechCrunch

News Summary

  • Eighty percent of the firm’s portfolio is comprised of Latinx, Black or female founders and CEOs.Those include allergen-free snack food company Partake Foods, ingredients startup Michroma and alternative seafood maker Aqua Cultured Foods.
  • “Where we see opportunity, and where we see consumers are underserved, is delivering the next food over the next couple of generations.
  • They are focused on those changes, and the need is both in terms of the technologies available to help get them the products they’re looking for, and the actual products getting on the shelf.”For female VCs, bias is a branding issue
  • This includes recent announcements by:Women are leaving VC firms and creating a new class of emerging investorsPrior to becoming an investor, Cadena’s background was as an aerospace engineer.
  • “That gives us this halo effect to really understand what emerging brands are facing in the ecosystem.
Supply Change Capital closed on $40 million in capital commitments for its first fund, targeting investments in the global food industry valued at $10 trillion.The female and Latinaowned firm is s [+3848 chars]