Jury orders Google to pay $339M for patentinfringing Chromecast

News Summary

  • The server system is operable, in response to receiving the first message from the personal computing device, to provide to the display device a second message identifying the user-selected content and the media player to play the content.
  • In response to receiving the second message, the display device is operable to obtain a first media player needed to play the content, to load the media player and to present the content on the display.
  • "The patents' abstracts continue: "The server system stores an association between the personal computing device and the display device.
  • The first message identifies user-selected content and a media player to play the content.
  • The jury was presented with all of the facts and concluded that Touchstream’s patents are valid and Google infringed.Google declined to comment on Touchstream's statement.Touchstream also has patent infringement lawsuits against Altice, Charter, and Comcast, Law360 noted.
  • Touchstream claims that the companies' apps and/or set-top box technologies violate similar patents, including the aforementioned 8,356,251 patent that Touchstream accused Google of infringing.
Enlarge/ Google Chromecast with Google TV. 19 with Google Chromecast infringed upon three patents of Touchstream Technologies, Inc. and should pay $338.7 million in damages, a Western District of [+5355 chars]