SpaceX teases another application for Starship

News Summary

  • "This architecture includes Starship as a transportation and in-space low-Earth orbit destination element supported by Super Heavy, Dragon, and Starlink, and constituent capabilities including crew and cargo transportation, communications, and operational and ground support," NASA said.SpaceX's Starship program is moving forward primarily with billions of dollars in private funding.
  • Before SpaceX can move on to demonstrate in-orbit refueling, the Starship lunar lander, or an eventual Starship-based space station, the company needs to get the rocket into orbit.
  • The first full-scale test flight in April did not reach space, but SpaceX officials were pleased with the lessons they learned and are preparing for another test flight that will attempt to reach near-orbital velocity later this year.
  • NASA said it will work with SpaceX on an "integrated low-Earth orbit architecture" that includes the Starship vehicle and other SpaceX programs, including the Dragon crew capsule and Starlink broadband network.
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