Intel Capital, Khosla lead $27M investment into SiPhox Healths athome bloodtesting tech | TechCrunch

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  • The price of its future offering, which will include the SiPhox Home product, will be subscription-based at less than $100 per month, the company said.SiPhox Health is working toward getting the SiPhox Home product through U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in the next year.
  • Sold on a subscription basis, kits are $95 with a monthly membership of $16 that includes perks like access to continuous glucose monitors and personalized biohacking tools.Big Tech corporate venture capital 🤝 generative AI startupsCurrently, it is running the tests using mail-in samples and conventional technology.
  • SiPhox Health’s fast and accurate at-home testing is poised to change the patient journey for employers, pharma, insurers and health systems,” Ananth said in a written statement.
  • Its first product was a $1 COVID-19 test on a disposable cartridge.CEO Vermeulen explained that other at-home blood-testing technologies focused on the paper strip and other collection methods that are the less expensive components, rather than on the testing device.
  • SiPhox Health, instead, started with the more expensive side — the lab instrument.“Our approach is to miniaturize all the components onto silicon chips,” he told TechCrunch.
  • This is the semiconductor technology that transformed internet connectivity.MIT scientists Diedrik Vermeulen and Michael Dubrovsky started the company in 2020 and were part of the Y Combinator summer cohort that year.
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