Hammerspace ingests $56M for a new approach to work with vast amounts of unstructured data | TechCrunch

News Summary

  • The “file system” that Hammerspace has built for managing, moving and orchestrating data is based on a particular implementation in Linux; and what it does, Flynn said, “is unique across the industry.”The thinking is that unstructured is potentially where the business opportunity lies for these applications and more.
  • And while it may not be a household name, it is already working with a number of very large companies and organizations that you will know, which have giant data needs.Its customers include Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, the National Science Foundation and Royal Caribbean Group.
  • )“If you’re going to pay big bucks for GPU horsepower, the last thing you want is for that to site to sit idle, waiting for data to flow in and flow out of those systems,” Flynn said.
  • Data may be “the new oil,” but only when it can be extracted and put to use.
  • “We provide radical input to feed data into and out of those training systems.
  • “Our mission is to capitalize on technological convergence across markets and industries, thereby changing the way the world works.
Data may be the new oil, but only when it can be extracted and put to use. Today, a five yearold startup called Hammerspace that is giving any kind of data that lease of life is announcing $56 mil [+4689 chars]