Announcing the Hardware Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 | TechCrunch

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  • On any given day, you’ll find me writing about phones, 3D printing and manufacturing, to name a few.Ultimately, our goal with the stage is to offer a broad scope of topics, representative of the state of hardware in 2023, while offering some insight into where things are headed.
  • Everette Taylor, who stepped into the CEO role at the end of 2022, will discuss how the company is adapting to face the future.with Brian Gerkey (Open Robotics) and Wendy Tan White (Alphabet and Intrinsic)Alphabet X graduate Intrinsic was founded with a lofty goal: making programming robots accessible.
  • We still have a couple of panels we’re not quite ready to announce, but I think you’ll find the current lineup to be a solid cross section of categories, including robotics, crowdfunding and extended reality.Seems like everyone is talking about VR and AR these days.
  • So when the powers that be told me that we were doing a full day of hardware programming at Disrupt, I was simultaneously excited and overwhelmed.I love that we’re finally giving hardware its time to shine on its very own stage.
  • Founder and CEO Wendy Tan White joins us, along with Brian Gerkey, who joined the team when Intrinsic acquired Open Robotics in December.with Damion Shelton (Agility Robotics) and Melonee Wise (Agility Robotics)Agility cracked the code on bipedal robots with its Digit system.
  • With Meta, HTC and now Apple vying for a piece of the market, has mixed reality’s moment finally arrived?with Everette Taylor (Kickstarter)For more than a decade, Kickstarter’s name has been synonymous with crowdfunding, but the last few years have brought their share of challenges for the platform.
In the 7.5 years Ive served as TechCrunchs hardware editor, Ive been struck by just how profoundly deep and wide this category can be. Scope is one of the most fulfilling and frustrating parts of the [+4554 chars]