OnePlus 81 Pro mechanical keyboard review

News Summary

  • Of course, if you’re a big mechanical keyboard fan, you know that switches are kind of everything.The Drop keyboard I’ve been using is loud, clacky and extremely tactile.
  • The tactile peak point is 0.5mm with a stronger rebounding force, and the larger tactile drop delivers a more solid typing experience.”And on the keycap front:In an industry-first, the new Marble-mallow material was adopted for making keycaps for an evolved gaming and typing experience.
  • If you’re a visual artist, on the other hand, it can be programmed to zoom in and out, select brush sizes and various other things you might want to adjust on the fly.Nothing here has successfully convinced me that OnePlus needs to be in the mechanical keyboard business.
  • “So, we worked with Keychron to utilize their renowned technology to craft an industry-first keyboard switch co-created between a brand and its users for a uniquely versatile typing experience.
  • I’ve been using the keyboard with a Mac studio, and the set up was seamless — just the standard system prompt asking you to identify the key to the side of the other shift button, so the computer can understand the basic layout.
  • Granted, there’s more adjustment from a significantly longer keyboard with a number pad (from full-sized to 75%), but the tight spacing of the CTRL/Option/CMD keys in particular required a bit of adjustment.
A mechanical keyboard is an odd addition to the OnePlus product line by virtually any measure. OnePlus is a phone maker first and foremost. Always has been and likely always will be. Since 2014, the [+9830 chars]