Common Sense Media, a popular resource for parents, to review AI products suitability for kids

News Summary

  • It’s not clear how Common Sense plans to rate AI products under the new system.However, in a position paper published in April 2023, Common Sense warned about several current issues with modern-day AI, including, often, their lack of “meaningful guardrails” that may make them dangerous for children.
  • The service offers age-appropriate videos for children ages two through 10.Common Sense Networks launches Sensical, a free, hand-curated streaming service for kids
  • “It is critical that there be a trusted, independent third-party rating system to inform the public and policymakers about the incredible impact of AI.
  • We have seen this movie before, with the emergence of social media and the subsequent failure to regulate these platforms, and, unfortunately, we know how that version ends.
Common Sense, a wellknown nonprofit organization devoted to consumer privacy, digital citizenship and providing media ratings for parents who want to evaluate the apps, games, podcasts, TV shows, mo [+3815 chars]