Rocket Report Rocket Labs next step in reuse, Blue Origin engine explodes

News Summary

  • Indian rocket programs have traditionally been managed by the government, but the commercial arm of the Indian space agency last year awarded a contract to Indian industry to build five Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles on a commercial basis.
  • Rocket Lab's CEO, Peter Beck, says the company is taking methodical steps toward eventually reusing the first stage of the light-class Electron rocket but did not identify a timetable for re-flying a booster, Space News reports.Focusing on marine recovery ...
  • A commercial Chinese firm named LandSpace launched its Zhuque-2 rocket July 11 (US time) and made history as the first company to send a methane-fueled launcher into orbit, beating a bevy of US vehicles to the milestone, Ars reports.
  • Astra shelved its Rocket 3 small satellite launch vehicle last year after five failures in seven orbital launch attempts.
  • The next launch of Rocket Lab's Electron rocket will feature another attempt to recover the first-stage booster at sea.
  • The smaller SSLV is designed to launch payloads up to 500 kgs (1,100 lbs) into low-Earth orbit, a market segment seemingly saturated by commercial rocket companies.
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