Fran Drescher We are all going to be in jeopardy of being replaced by machines

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  • The proposal also states that the use of digital replicas would be restricted to the specific motion picture for which the actor is employed, and any additional use would require that actor’s consent and further negotiation.However, SAG-AFTRA disputes this interpretation of the AMPTP's proposal.
  • SAG-AFTRA represents over 160,000 film and television actors.During a press conference on Thursday, SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher, best known as the star of the 1990s sitcom The Nanny, underscored the union's concerns, warning of a future where AI-powered digital doubles might replace human actors.
  • As a proxy battle in a larger war of human creatives versus those who would potentially replace them with AI models, the resolution of these Hollywood negotiations could set substantial precedents for AI use in the entertainment industry.
  • These digital replicas, powered by advancements in computer graphics techniques and machine learning, are becoming increasingly lifelike, creating new challenges and ethical considerations for the film and television industry.
  • According to the AMPTP, these protections include securing an actor's consent to create and use a digital likeness or to digitally alter their performance.
  • "In contrast, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents major studios including Walt Disney and Netflix, has proposed measures that they say protect actors' digital likenesses.
47 with On Thursday, members of the SAGAFTRA actors union (and its president, actor Fran Drescher) announced their decision to go on strike in solidarity with the WGA strike that has been ongoing [+3381 chars]