Voice cloning platform Resemble AI lands $8M

News Summary

  • But the platform grew to offer AI tech that can “transfer” voices to other languages, generate personalized messages from voice actors and create real-time conversational agents.Resemble is but one player in the fast-growing market for generative voice AI.
  • If the voice in the clip doesn’t match the other clips, Resemble blocks the user from creating the AI voice.In addition, to prevent misuse when recording, Resemble forces users to say an array of specific sentences in their own voice.
  • If they deviate from the script, Resemble flags the recording as potential misuse.“Once the voice is created, the user owns all rights to that voice,” Ahmed said.
  • The platform has more than a million users, he says, who’ve generated 35 years’ worth of audio in the last 12 months.“With regulation of AI top of mind for government officials, Resemble is providing insights and recommendations about the responsible use of generative audio,” Ahmed said.
  • “With Resemble, creating engaging and high-quality voice content is now easier than ever, enabling content creators to add a whole new level of authenticity to their work, and will add a new level of immersion for the audience.”
  • In 2021, a documentarian came under fire for hiring a company to clone Anthony Bourdain’s voice posthumously — with the consent of Bourdain’s estate.
Resemble AI, a platform that uses generative AI to clone realisticsounding voices, today announced that it raised $8 million in a Series A round led by Javelin Venture Partners, with participation f [+4634 chars]