Kakao ups its game in generative AI with Karlo 2.0, an AI image generator

News Summary

  • KoGPT 2.0, meanwhile, isn’t due to be released until Q3 2023, but it will be trained on 30 billion different parameters.Kakao Brain also has set up Karlo 100X, a 10 billion won ($ 7.7 million) fund, to back AI startups that develop image generation technology.
  • And Samsung is reportedly developing a private generative AI tool for internal use only after restricting generative AI tools after sensitive data leakage.
  • Kakao’s releases underscore the pressure that the company, like all incumbent tech players, has been facing to keep up with the pace of AI progress: newcomers like OpenAI, Midjourney and more have been making a huge splash and controlling the narrative on the biggest innovations of the moment.
  • As with the company’s regionally leading messaging app KakaoTalk, the opening for a company like Kakao seems to be a leading player in AI images in its market, rather than aiming for world domination.
  • Its predecessor, also called KoGPT, was originally rolled out in 2021 and trained on 200 billion tokens on just 6 billion parameters, using Korean data.
  • “We are pleased to introduce Karlo 2.0 through a process of learning various image data and technological advancement, including human proportions and composition, and perspective views that express a sense of space and three-dimensionality,” CEO of Kakao Brain Kim Ildoo said in a statement.
South Korean tech giant Kakao wants a piece of the action in the generative AI race, and today it made a bid for it, with big updates to its AI image generator Karlo and its KoGPT large language mode [+5135 chars]