Robotaxi haters in San Francisco are disabling the AVs with traffic cones

News Summary

  • Cruise and Waymo vehicles have indeed stopped in the middle of roads, blocking emergency vehicles, public transit and general traffic.
  • “Intentionally obstructing vehicles gets in the way of those efforts and risks creating traffic congestion for local residents.”Despite the guerilla protests, the cone trick probably won’t have an effect on the CPUC’s decision.
  • But it does grant companies the authority to charge passengers a fare for that service, which is an essential ingredient to scaling robotaxi and autonomous delivery operations sustainably.In May, the CPUC posted draft resolutions approving the expansion, despite mounting opposition from city agencies and residents.
  • We do not consent to this,” said Safe Street Rebel.The group is inviting others to follow its lead and disable the vehicles by “gently placing” cones on a driverless — meaning, empty — car’s hood.
  • The group did not respond to TechCrunch’s request for comment.Waymo called the viral hack a form of vandalism.“Not only is this understanding of how AVs operate incorrect, but this is vandalism and encourages unsafe and disrespectful behavior on our roadways,” the company said in a statement.
  • Congressional efforts to regulate self-driving cars have lagged for several years, so most regulation comes from state departments of transportation and departments of motor vehicles.“I see some tech bros wringing their hands in horror: ‘Won’t someone think of the AVs?!
A decentralized group of safe streets activists in San Francisco realized they can disable Cruise and Waymo robotaxis by placing a traffic cone on a vehicles hood, and theyre encouraging others to [+5596 chars]