Volkswagen will start testing its driverless ID. Buzz in Austin, Texas

News Summary

  • "Expanding our autonomous vehicle program to the North American Region is the next step in our global strategic road map and the result of a long-term collaborative investment," said Christian Senger, a VW board member responsible for commercial vehicles.
  • "We selected Austin as the first US hub, as the city has a track record for embracing innovation and offers a conducive climate for the testing of autonomous vehicles.
  • "Moving into this next phase will help us test, validate, and refine technology; bring us closer to establishing commercially available transportation offerings; and eventually grow the diverse mobility portfolio for the Volkswagen Group," Senger said.VW ADMT will begin testing with a fleet of 10 ID.
  • However, unlike in Germany, VW has no plans to build its own ride hailing service here; instead, it's developing autonomous ID.
  • At the time, Argo's self-driving stack was to be incorporated into future autonomous VWs as well as autonomous Fords.
  • We are committed to continuing an open and collaborative dialogue with the city and its diverse stakeholders," said Katrin Lohmann, president of VW ADMT.VW says it has no plans to establish a service like Moia in the US.
Enlarge/ If you go to Austin, you might see one of these ID. Buzzes out for a drive.6 with Volkswagen Group has picked Austin, Texas, as the location for its first autonomous driving program in N [+2732 chars]