Konux gears up to scale its AI + IoT play for optimizing the railways

News Summary

  • )“If you can approach this traffic management problem differently, where you’re able to better anticipate the kind of cascading effects of disruption which is a hard optimization problem to solve and you need a lot of data about what’s happening in the network [to do it],” says Bonnifield.
  • And then we built the first of its kind sensing device to be perfectly matched to the needs of an AI company — but we’re totally agnostic; we will fuse data and integrate data with wherever we can find it.
  • Getting railway operators on board with such root-and-branch reworking of how to monitor and maintain fixed infrastructure in what is absolutely (and necessarily) a safety-first environment is a massive, ongoing business transformation challenge, too.“When we think of our sales pipeline, this is really our pipeline,” he goes on.
  • Per his telling, it was also the first company to do a SaaS contract with a rail network, which marks a sea-change from the expensive capital investments transport giants were used to inking.
  • (Konux says its Switch product estimates how the condition of switches will develop over the next 90 days, which allows operators to identify early signs of degradation so they can plan ahead for inspections and prioritize maintenance based on actual network usage.
  • The sale, so to speak, is kind of cooperatively attacking this problem of organisational change.”“A lot of barriers are there for good reasons,” Bonnifield adds of rail industry processes and safety protocols.
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