Valve says Steam games cant use AI models trained on copyrighted works

News Summary

  • As these laws and policies evolve over time, so will our process," Valve said.Despite Valve's glib assertion that it is not using "opinion" to interpret "current copyright law and policies," the copyright status of most AI models is far from certain.
  • But a number of high-profile lawsuits brought by artists and stock art companies are vehemently contesting that argument, saying these AI models copied their content wholesale without permission.Given that uncertain legal environment, organizations like Getty Images, Newgrounds, and science journal Nature have explicitly banned contributors from using AI-generated art.
  • At the same time, companies from Marvel to DeviantArt have embraced the use of the technology to one degree or another.Valve is taking the more conservative route, avoiding what it calls "some legal uncertainty" by simply rejecting AI content trained on copyrighted material altogether.
  • But by doing so, the company is effectively using its own interpretation of copyright law, even as it says the decision does not have "an added layer of our opinion."
  • "Stated plainly, our review process is a reflection of current copyright law and policies, not an added layer of our opinion.
  • Generative AI is "bound to create new and exciting experiences in gaming," Valve continued.At the same time, the company says its hands are tied by the current state of the law.
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