Deep tech in Latin America and the Caribbean is set to skyrocket

News Summary

  • The consulting firm behind this report, Surfing Tsunamis, used this definition by Propel(x) CEO Swati Chaturvedi:Deep technology companies are built on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering innovations.
  • However, it is on the rise, both in absolute numbers and proportionally, growing from $96 million (0.59%) in 2020 to $172 million (2.2%) in 2022.What do the recipients of this venture capital look like?
  • They are trying to solve big issues that really affect the world around them.
The Tesla Gigafactoryplanned to be built in Mexico should be seen, Bloomberg argues, as a graduation moment for Mexican manufacturing. And theres hope that the CHIPS bill, which President Joe Bide [+2402 chars]