TikTok Creators Sue Montana Over Its Ban Of The App

News Summary

  • Cybersecurity experts say it could be difficult to enforce.Some lawmakers, the FBI and officials at other agencies are concerned the video-sharing app, owned by ByteDance, could be used to allow the Chinese government to access information on U.S. citizens or push pro-Beijing misinformation that could influence the public.
  • The penalties would not apply to users.Opponents say Montana residents could easily circumvent the ban by using a virtual private network, a service that shields internet users by encrypting their data traffic, preventing others from observing their web browsing.
  • She also declined to say whether the company helped coordinate the complaint.The plaintiffs are Montana residents who use the video-sharing app for things like promoting a business, connecting with military veterans, sharing outdoor adventures or expressing their sense of humor.
  • Greg Gianforte signed the bill into law Wednesday and said it would protect Montana residents’ private data and personal information from being harvested by the Chinese government.
  • It is owned by a Chinese company, and under China law, if you are based in China, you will cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Her account has 97,000 followers and has allowed her to roughly triple her family’s household income, the complaint states.
HELENA, Mont. (AP) Five TikTok content creators have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn Montanas firstinthenation ban on the video sharing app, arguing the law is an unconstitutional violation of [+4742 chars]