Procedural justice can address generative AIs trust/legitimacy problem

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  • They might also consider providing opportunities for public comment on new policy or product changes.Companies should ensure all rules and related safety processes are transparent and convey trustworthy motives about how decisions were made.
  • This can, in turn, boost the public’s perception of the technology as neutral and trustworthy.Another element of procedural justice is giving people an opportunity to take part in a decision-making process.
  • To get diverse viewpoints, companies need to look beyond their own employees, disciplines and geography.They can also enable more direct feedback into AI products by providing users greater controls over how the AI performs.
  • With a variety of perspectives regarding how to train AI applications and implement safety parameters, companies can articulate transparent reasoning for their decisions.
  • Of the remaining 23 participants, the majority were computer science scholars from predominantly Western universities.
The muchtouted arrival of generative AI has reignited a familiar debate about trust and safety Can tech executives be trusted to keep societys best interests at heart?Because its training data is [+5445 chars]