Rocket Report Canada places premium on a spaceport, Lueders heads to Starbase

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  • The successful completion of acceptance testing is a major milestone for Vector, and we look forward to conducting a successful launch for our customer,” said Robert Spalding, Vector Launch CEO.Embry-Riddle students set rocketry record.
  • Instead, we're left with statements like this: "The upcoming Vector Launch national security mission will rely on Ursa Major's engines, and the company is confident they will perform within mission specifications.
  • With the upcoming flight, Virgin Galactic aims to "make a final assessment of the full spaceflight and astronaut experience before commercial service begins," the company said.Another flight next month?
  • The British government, which helped buy OneWeb out of bankruptcy three years ago, has no plans to do the same with launch company Virgin Orbit, Space News reports.
  • The company has two launches within nine hours of one another on Friday, and then the crewed launch of the Ax-2 private mission on Sunday.
  • "Our first commercial flight Galactic 01 is planned for late June and will be a scientific research flight with members of the Italian Air Force," Colglazier said "We plan to follow Galactic 01 with both civilian astronauts and research customers flying on regular intervals thereafter."
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