Samsung and LG have finally settled on an OLED TV deal, report says

News Summary

  • This is a much bigger deal than the over 200,000 WOLED TV panels The Elec said the two firms were discussing in April.Samsung temporarily stopped releasing OLED TVs after 2013 due to high prices and high hopes for its QLED TVs competing with strong image quality and lower prices.
  • A deal with LG Display, as reported, could allow Samsung to get into even larger OLED TVs and add lower-price options to its OLED TV selection, which currently comprises expensive QD-OLED screens.
  • For comparison, LG currently lists 77-inch TVs with LG Display-made WOLED panels with MSRPs as low as $2,300.In 2021, when talks of a Samsung-LG Display OLED deal started, South Korea had just lost its spot as the top display maker to China.
  • In 2017, David Lowes, chief marketing officer for Samsung Electronics Europe, told IFA that Samsung wouldn't reenter the OLED market any time soon "because QLED is free of burn-in issues and cost-effectively scales for larger screens," per Sammobile.
  • It's now impossible for Samsung's TV business to sweep OLED under the rug, as evidenced by its 2022 entrance back into OLED TVs.Samsung's OLED TVs have been relying on Samsung Display's quantum dot-based OLED panels (QD-OLED).
  • In 2021, the South Korean firms were reportedly nearing a deal that would see Samsung revive its OLED TV business.
9 with After years of resisting the move from LCD to OLED and reportedly going back and forth with LG Display about a potential OLED panel deal, Samsung Electronics has finally decided to buy OLED [+4431 chars]