Drobo, having stopped sales and support, reportedly files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

News Summary

  • But cloud storage, streaming media, and a general trend away from "huge piles of local files" for all but the most specialized hobbies and careers seemingly ate away at Drobo over time.
  • The marquee feature was being able to hot-swap drives of nearly any size without migrating data.
  • "Drobo began in 2005 as Data Robotics and launched into the tech consciousness with the original Drobo, a "storage robot."
  • Now, AppleInsider reports that, based on an email sent by StorCentric, the bankruptcy shifted from reorganization-minded Chapter 11 to liquidation-focused Chapter 7 in late April.The writing for Drobo was on the wall, or at least on its website.
  • "We'd mention the Drobo option—less nerd cred, more usability—in occasional reviews and roundups of the network-attached storage (NAS) market.
  • Kevin Purdy - May 16, 2023 4:55 pm UTC You don't hear nearly as much about Drobo boxes as you used to, especially on sites like Ars Technica.
We appreciate Lee Hutchinsons efforts toward situational archaeology in his initial Drobo FS review. Historians one day will know that, at a minimum, this device was released after 1999s The Matrix [+2181 chars]