ChatGPTs chief to testify before Congress as concerns grow about artificial intelligences risks

News Summary

  • He said Tuesday’s hearing marked “a critical first step towards understanding what Congress should do.”A number of tech industry leaders have said they welcome some form of AI oversight but have cautioned against what they see as overly heavy-handed rules.
  • The head of the artificial intelligence company that makes ChatGPT told Congress on Tuesday that government intervention will be critical to mitigating the risks of increasingly powerful AI systems.“As this technology advances, we understand that people are anxious about how it could change the way we live.
  • The letter was a response to the March release of OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4, described as more powerful than ChatGPT.The panel’s ranking Republican, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, said the technology has big implications for elections, jobs and national security.
  • But IBM’s Montgomery instead asked Congress to take a “precision regulation” approach.“We think that AI should be regulated at the point of risk, essentially,” Montgomery said, by establishing rules that govern the deployment of specific uses of AI rather than the technology itself.
  • Altman is also planning to embark on a worldwide tour this month to national capitals and major cities across six continents to talk about the technology with policymakers and the public.
  • Its other popular AI products include the image-maker DALL-E. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into the startup and has integrated its technology into its own products, including its search engine Bing.
By MATT OBRIEN AP Technology WriterThe head of the artificial intelligence company that makes ChatGPT is set to testify before Congress as lawmakers call for new rules to guide the rapid develop [+3938 chars]