Apple details upcoming AIdriven iOS 17 accessibility features

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  • Samuel Axon - May 16, 2023 9:11 pm UTC Around this time last year, Apple previewed several of the accessibility features that would be added to iOS 16, which launched last fall.
  • On the gaming side, Microsoft and Sony have introduced accessibility controllers for players with physical disabilities, and there has been an explosion of accessibility-minded features in triple-A video games, as well.Listing image by Apple
  • Google also offers some accessibility features in Android and has brought live-captioning to all web audio sources, among other things.
  • The past several years have been a watershed moment in adapting technology products to fit the lives of users with disabilities.
10 with Apple plans to roll out new accessibility features to its devices in iOS 17. This is what the Photos app looks like in Assistive Access mode. Around t [+2117 chars]