Warner Bros. Discovery CTO and CPO explain how they made Max less buggy

News Summary

  • The company also said in its announcement that Max would provide a new video playback experience that provides a smooth and cinematic experience for users.“Performance is one of the most important parts of the platform,” Saxena told us.
  • Discovery to launch ‘Max’ service starting at $9.99/mo on May 23Notably, Whitworth also said the engineering team built a “really great” live platform that can “deliver any kind of live content,” he claimed.In the past, HBO Max has livestreamed UEFA Champions League matches in Brazil and Mexico.
  • You know, the things that really matter to customers, how the product works… Second, we knew that we really wanted to make it easy for customers to find and watch the content that they love.
  • In January of this year, the streamer began broadcasting domestic live sporting events, giving subscribers access to live U.S. national soccer games.The company has yet to announce which live sporting events are launching on Max.“I think we’re excited about what live could become in Max.
  • And we’re excited to see how customers use it going forward,” Whitworth said.It’s important to note that HBO Max subscribers previously had access to 4K content yet were only paying $15.99 per month.
  • It also uses AWS as a primary cloud provider, which millions of companies rely on for storage, databases and cloud-compute.“In any given month, we deliver more than an exabyte worth of content, which is 1,000 petabytes a month, which is a big amount.
A few weeks before Warner Bros. Discovery launches its new HBO Max/Discovery+ streaming service, Max, TechCrunch spoke with WBD chief technology officer Avi Saxena and chief product officer Tyler Whi [+8876 chars]