Nuview emerges from stealth with plans to map the Earth using lidar

News Summary

  • Nuview, a geospatial technology company that emerged from stealth today, wants to change that.The company aims to build out a constellation of 20 commercial satellites outfitted with its proprietary lidar system.
  • Thus far, the company has a team of 21 full-time and contracted employees and is working on building out a new facility with optics, integration and laser labs in Orlando.So far, Graumann expects the company’s biggest market will be in national mapping for civil agencies around the world.
  • Lidar data are billions of discrete data points,” Graumann said.
  • The company also scored a government contract for an undisclosed amount.The company will start by launching a “proof of concept” satellite called “Mr.
  • These companies may use hyperspectral, thermal, radar or optical instruments — but none, as of yet, use light detection and ranging (lidar), a technology that’s best-known for its use in self-driving cars.
  • Nor is it as simple as transferring lidar systems from self-driving cars to satellites; the former systems are usually short-range, with very low power requirements.
Dozens of established players and newer entrants are competing to bring the most cuttingedge remote sensing data to customers. These companies may use hyperspectral, thermal, radar, or optical instr [+4708 chars]